Welcome, Bem Vindo !

Introducing… We are Corrina & Martijn and in 2009 we accidentally visited Quinta das Flores. Together with our then 7-year-old son Dylan, we were in Portugal for the first time and the place was already enchantingly beautiful.

Year after year we visited this place during our holidays and the desire grew to one day run this quinta ourselves. But yes… again and again you are confronted with reasons and excuses not to do it…

After a turbulent period, we have learned to leave some things behind and to do some things differently. If you work on it, it works. A flame occasionally needs fuel, otherwise the fire will go out.

The premature and rapid loss of a loved one has confirmed the notion that you should not keep dreaming, but that if you want something, make a plan and act.

So we did and miraculously since then the pieces of the puzzle seem to be falling into place. As a result, we have left the Netherlands indefinitely.

We wish you a warm welcome to our paradise….
A place where everyone can be themselves….
A place where cosiness, good food and tranquility merge….

With love Martijn & Corrina